How to Measure


For help or advice when measuring call us FREE on 0845 269 269 1


You’ll need a pen and paper and a good quality steel tape measure. Never use a cloth tape measure as they can stretch and give inaccurate measurements

Always check your measurements carefully as we cannot be held responsible for mistakes.

The first decision to make is, do you want your blind to fit inside or outside the recess? (Note: If the recess is less than 60mm (2.5”) deep, the window opens inwards or there are other obstructions the blind may have to be fitted outside the recess, please call us first if this is the case)


Inside Window Recess (Measurement type ‘Recess’ on our web site)

Just give us the width and height of the recess and we will allow the working tolerances in order for the blind to fit.

N.B. Measure the width of your recess in 3 places and give us the smallest measurement. If you have tiles at the bottom of the recess remember to measure between the tiles and give us this measurement. When measuring for roller blinds, please take the width measurement from the top of the window to ensure best fit.


Outside Window Recess (Measurement type ‘Exact’ on our web site)

Decide how much you wish to overlap the recess at each side (suggested overlap is 60mm (2.5”) each side) and at the top and bottom. Ideally, when raised, the blind should not obscure the window.

Recess Exact Image

**Please note when measuring for roller blinds that the cloth width will be 30mm (1.25”) narrower than the overall size. **


Bay Windows and Conservatories

To ensure accurate measuring for bay windows and conservatories please contact our customer services and one of our experienced operators will be more than happy to talk you through the best way to measure your particular windows.


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